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No current members blacklisted


Contact Lisa Heiser 701-290-0293 or nwbra@nwbra.com

Jada Rokke - 2016 saddle winner

Voting has concluded: new directors are Libi Susag and Penny Dyer, all others remain the same. 

Finals Date Change - majority voted not to change

Crisis Fund used to reimburse member draw outs - majority voted no

Adding Colorado to NWBRA states - majority voted yes

Producer of the Year - Zeann Golliher, Belle Fourche, SD

Finals Late Entries - majority voted no by narrow margin, directors voted 3 to 6 no, however there may be some additional items discussed to allow for an online entry later than the paper entries. More will be decided at the next meeting pending additional information.

Finals reverse draws - majority voted no


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